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Hi my name is Douglas Kemp and I am the author of this directory based in Sandton. For most of my career I have lived and worked between Joburg and Cape Town in a variety of internet marketing capacities. My primary motivation around building a directory exclusively for Sandton stems largely from the many companies and business services that I have had the privilege of working with over my career.

In the search engine marketing business there there is often a series of directional adjustments that one needs to make in order to obtain successful results for clients. For the most part these “consultancy” orientated arrangements land up being expensive and thus unobtainable for small enterprise and certainly ineffective when it comes to valid return on investment. For this reason we built a pre-packaged consultancy product that focuses directly on adding immediate value to small businesses in Sandton and surrounds without the associated hard costs that full spectrum online marketing services would usually require.

This enables small enterprise to take advantage of cost efficient solutions that add actual revenue driving value to their bottom line by dispensing with the usual “consultancy” to’s and fro’s and getting down to the actual service costs.

Sandon directory is geared a directory that we actively market on behalf of all listing clients. There is no cost per click charge or charge by impression. You simply submit your site to the directory, we evaluate the best traffic placement for your company and upload the business listing.

Business listings in categories can cost between R10pm and R25pm so all in your budget for this traffic channel is probably less per year than you would spend buying a round of drinks at the bar.

Sandton is the business hub of South Africa and a key checkpoint for start-up and operational companies alike. We would like to invite you to send us your website and give us the opportunity to demonstrate actual commercial value for money on a minimal marketing budgets.